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Исполнитель: Broken Pixels

Композиция: Assassins Creed Revelations (This is Your Creed)

Длительность mp3: 03:25

Добавлено: 2016-08-23

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Alone in a coma with a fragmented persona

Mentally eroding like a spreading melanoma

Mental blocks black on verge of virtual collapse

Abstergos aperture entraps, each and every last synapse

Must resist the animus, the tool of the enemy

extracting all the essences from your genetic memories

But reliving sins of fathers is the best way to rewind

the sunshine burned eternally upon a spotless mind

You’re an assassin! And this is your creed

Revelations from the past to set your mind free

This is your creed foundations understood

Be the second coming and lead the brotherhood

This is your creed If you don’t know you better learn

Loyalty’s rewarded while leadership is earned

This is your creed and this is how we do

Everythings permitted but nothings ever true

Parkour connoisseur to the roof from the floor

Walking arsenal hidden within the folds

Don’t refuse the new but use the tools of old

You know the game is death and yet Uplay its all you know

With eagle eye vision find a needle in a stack

Its kill or be killed until you fill the contract

You gamble with your life cause failures not allowed

and Melt into the city the crowd is your shroud

This is your creed!


Welcome to the Animus Where Assassin's life so Treacherous

These are legacy's that stay with us Ezio Altair so Dangerous

Better watch your back Can't afford to miss. Templar on Deck Got

throats to Slit

It's Assassin's Creed Don't Plea Just Bleed Eden's Close Embrace Death

On your Knees

The End is Near

Where your Grave is your shadow

In Essence to Souls We Are

Where Men are Free

And Thrones are Eternal

We Turn to


Youre a cold killer even though your cause is noble

underground rule Istanbul to Constantinople

Master of assassins more infamous by hours

Make enough noise they’ll try to take your power

You train all of your men to be the masters of their dens

If you want to run the fence you pay the consequence.

But this is YOUR turf the brotherhood defends

Plus currency tends to turn your enemies to friends

You bribe the city heralds and eliminate the emissaries

methods of subversion exponentially vary

Only holden down by the amount of guilt you carry

Underneath your skin Deeper Than any blade you’ve buried

From your roots on through your history from Masayaf to Italy

Tragedy and sorrow weighing heavier than Diddly

Take it out on anyone that rules by fear or greed

Cause you are an assassin and this is your creed


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