Din One Happy Day - песня day din

Исполнитель: Din

Композиция: One Happy Day

Длительность mp3: 02:59

Добавлено: 2015-12-10

Просмотры: 788


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Текст песни:

Do a song of an old musician
Wonder who he's gonna be
And I do it with my own permision
Because the man it's me

I'm 62 and my voice is older
Still I try to play guitar
I'm been placed in a music folder
The once I didn't get far

I don't mind today everything has gone away
One happy day but I missed you
I'm glad I didn't stay

I don't mind at all that you always made me small
One happy day when I left you
And now I'm feel so fine

Do a song with the same precision
Wonder how it's gonna sound
No care if an old musician
Crawling on the ground

Simple thoughts when I was young boy
And I had it going on
My guitar was my only good toy
Now my thoughts are gone

Make a move getting your attention
Don't know if I have a shoot
I'm 62 never learned my lesson
I will burn in hell and rot

Have a drink I can pay for this one
Sudden I can see you crack a smile
You have never paid for your fun
Do you wanna f*uck it's been a while

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