Dr. Alban Born In Africa - песня born in africa

Исполнитель: Dr. Alban

Композиция: Born In Africa

Длительность mp3: 03:31

Добавлено: 2017-01-04

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The past has gone
The future is yet to come
Hear this
Going back to my root
Born in Africa
'cause I'm born in Africa
Born in Africa
True born Africa I true
Cause I was born in Africa
Jah know
Say mi come from Nigeria land of oil
Land of diamond gold sugarcane
We plant cossawa & sweet potations
We have a lot of thing but no discipline discipline
That is we got from colonialism
All this was Babylon business
White man never give up Africa
White man never give up the business business
Why this division in Africa
Why this division in the system
It doesn't have no moral no self? conches?
Some of them went to America
Some of them went to the Carribien
Some of them died other Atlantic
South Africa Egypt
Livia Algeria
Zimbabwe Mozambique
Angola Rwand
Nigeria Morocco
Tunisia Ghana

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