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Исполнитель: The Fast and the Furious 6

Композиция: OST Форсаж 6

Длительность mp3: 04:10

Добавлено: 2016-12-14

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Текст песни:

everybody with me drunk as fuck, break it down and roll it up (x9)
ok (x3),
now errbody with me drunk as fuck, break it down and roll it up,
yeah errybdy got them killaz wit em, rep your side and throw it up
hoe it up and itz goin down, light another blunt, and itz goin round,
puff puff pass you can toast cho glass, later will screw and slow it up,
if you make it fast, i can make it last, and im a nigga thats makin cash,
8 figgaz in the bank and i pull yuhr rank,
what cha think, that cha hatin as,
he he he he he he,
you think you fly, i know you not,
he he he he he he,
you tote cho knife, i tote my glock,
big body, cadillac, woman in the back seat,
speakers steady pumpin as i pass these losers,
yo car too small, i cant fit my woman in a pt cruiser,
get cha cake up, get cha wait up,
way up to the top,til ya cant go further,
these snitches is after my riches,
and yes i smell bloody murda,
when i cock back, better drop that,
cant block that, lock back fools better stop that,
other wise you can pop back, but after dumpin around,
you'll be wonderin where the cops at where the cops at,
cuz im drunk as fuck tell em im far from sober,
cuz if the po-po happen to pull me over,
imma jus tell em,
errybdy with me drunk as fuck, break it down and roll it up, (x9)
swisha after swisha i know that ill fix ya, this one for my nigga,
and everybody wit cha, pop another bottle, imma rep chicago,
put them 22'z on that black on black elado, aint it fucked up,
got a bottle a goose, you know im finna get loose, get it buck buck,
hollin wassup to all my niggaz sit back and all my bitches in the front, put cha cups up
what cha drankin, what cha smokin, what chu poppin,
is you rollin, through the OZ, got me open, big diamonds we totin
and i don know, what im gun do, but im gone so im thinkin bout
roll it up, 1 to the head, like a real thoroughbred, now im sayin lemme,
roll it up, (x2), and i smoke it up, don give a damn if i choke it up,
i throw it up, and i toke it up, eyes are lil red, and my throat lit up,
i don give up, and i don give in, you don get high nicca, don get in,
but wont cha friend cus he wont my friend, and never known thighs i don kno when, i don kno when,
now errybdy wit me pourin cups, errybdy wit me hold it up,
errbdy wit me kno, if i say so, its gon be throwin up,
everybody with me drunk as fuck, break it down &nd roll it up,.. till end.

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