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Исполнитель: The RZA

Композиция: Samurai Showdown

Длительность mp3: 03:59

Добавлено: 2016-01-11

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(Intro: The RZA)
Get your gun....
Yo, it's a samurai showdown, samurai showdown
(Aight,A.T.M)How dare you challenge me?
You will die from the tip of my sword today
huh, the trenches, we must remain calm
Right,prepare to die

(Chorus: The RZA )
Yo,it's born born, young lord, raise your swords
Yo,it's born born, young lord, raise your swords

Verse 1: The RZA
Yo,yo Hailin from the slums of
Shaolin, golden claw,talon twirl
and one swirl of the fatal sword splits your Island
WU killa bees stingers back on the swarm again
zzzzzz,the alarm again, six direction weapon deflection
Bones connect like opposite sides of magnets
Steel fragments bein chipped off a singing sword slash
with the force of big crash in your dash board with no airbag
He drove a ninety nine Jaguar quick
to pick a lock, lick a shot
Respect the bloods and crips a lot
Plus the god from ride saggin in his
seat, blastin WU beats tryin
to plot his next hit
He took a drag of the eight elements
that composed,atmospheric gas
Bout to let off his sword, and full
blast kept his mind focused,
meditation position half lotus
ABBOT's sword novas couldn't match his
magnum opus deluxe stroke,
son move like a ghost
struck in an instance, unnoticed like a lamp post
Radar sharp precision gunfire,explode till his clips unload,
it's a samurai code

It's born born ,young lord,raise your swords
time for everyone to go record
It's born born, young lord,raise your swords
time for everyone to go record

Verse 2: The RZA
Crept in silent, the steel wind
Chrome silencers screwed on tight kept
the gunshots just sealed in
We attack,full fledge
with Chicago Bull red bandanas tied tight around our heads
Swing with the force of a sledge
Single-edge stainless steel blade chopped the wedge
slit this analog derelicts head
Who even thought that
he could go against the truth and the gods and fall back?
from the will of Allah, you'll be facin the firing squad
of a thousand archers out to mark ya
The bill top scully king blocks bullest like jelly beans
Birds in my nest restin up,on the telly scene
murderousrap track to me,is ego felony
can't accept what you analog
cats be tellin me
I get the verbal weapon,won't hesitate for one second to
break your back like big jack from tekken

It's born born,young lord raise your swords
It's born born,young lord raise your swords (x2)

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