Hopsin Super Duper Fly - песня super duper

Исполнитель: Hopsin

Композиция: Super Duper Fly

Длительность mp3: 03:39

Добавлено: 2016-09-22

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Verse 1

They call me hop, the king of this hip-hop
The moment that I hopped in the game, it got hot
Rappers thought that they would be ruinin' my plots
In this industry but homie I'm doing it for alot
Soon as I step up the flow, niggas know I'm untouchable
With the mic I'mma cut ya throat, guess its cause I'm so rugged yo rugged yo
I'm keepin it real fuck the dough, I'm lying homie I love it yo
I'm a beast at this, I ain't really unleashed it yet
Obviously I have I'm just bad at keepin it secretive
And if you do wanna piece of this, buddy you can recieve it quick
Yeah I know that you sayin fuck hopsin hes a dick
I gave the sheets a clip of how I metamorph the game?
I'mma wreck it off the chain, till my records off to play
Spread a web across ya name
Make sure you suckin it
Grab ya belt and buckle it, time to end all this fuckin shit

I got some flows and they super duper nice
Just gimme' a dope beat and ill be super duper tight
Lace it up, sell it for a super duper price, (WHY, WHY)
Cause I'm super Duper Fly

Hey I'm so fly, (FLY) look at me flyin away
(I can fly, I can fly), HEY, (I can fly, I can fly), HEY, (I can fly)

Verse 2
Not abomishing, throwers words astonishing
We coming in different change it up that's what I'm promising
Yeah you got potential and all a that but you not as sick
Someone tell these lowdown and dirty fuckers who Hopsin is!
Its been awhile, feels like five hundred years
But the apocalypse is finally here, a lot of these queers just run around thinking that they hot
But they cold as fuck, when I drop that shits gon be over then ya'll gon know wassup
Niggas acting like that they hate to show love, till they find out what I'm capable of
I'm finna fizz up like bakin soda, put so much pressure on you niggas you'll be forced to exit the game, cause my games is so tough
But you muthafuckas is probably gonna keep on coming back like roaches
But I have the potion, outwit you just like a pack of vultures
Cause I rap ferocious ya'll lack emotion that's needed in this
I bees the business what can I say I just need to win it


Verse 3
My image doesn't appear to be viscous, but just by hearin me whip this
I'm sure that you could tell I'm lyrically gifted
Its a conspiracy, is it? definitely, if you step to dis me ill make sure you rest ?inpey switchen up my record? emcee
Evidently I'm known to kill this devil in me
You can tell its in me my flow has been mastered elegantly
If you fellas tip me its cauce you feelin the jealous envy
Next I put one thought up in before you sell ya cd
I wouldn't say that I'm the father of rap, but rap father died so I just adopted his ass
Since none a ya'll will take him in, watch what I'mma make of him
The nigga finna be the muthafuckin hottest thing again
Ya'll been treatin the game wrong, man hopsin ain't ya friend
I ain't taking back none a my words fuck who they defend
Ya'll claimin that you niggas from the hood and the streets
Then whys the fuckin game hollywood as can be?


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